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Betfair vs TAB

Betfair offer Better Odds on average than the three Australian TABs because you are betting against other punters who disagree with your opinion and you back the best price available at the time.

The TAB on the other hand, declares a final dividend from the total betting pool after a deduction is made to cover costs and the TAB's contribution to Australian horse racing. The remaining sum of money in the pool is then divided by the number of winning tickets to give a final TAB dividend that the punter must simply accept.

Betfair pays 107% better than TAB!

It's a while ago now, but it's a perfect example of how Betfair value can work for the punter for a very profitable result. The 2010 Australian Guineas winner at Flemington was Rock Classic, and the talented galloper was available to back at $28.00 on Betfair, whereas the best final TAB payout was $13.60 from the three Australian totes. That's an amazing 107% better payout from Betfair.

A Betfair account ensures the best odds time and time again. Accepting inferior odds from the TAB is a thing of the past. The betting exchange gives you the option to find the best price for your selection every time you place a bet.

Smart Punters have a Betfair account

To win on the punt it's essential to get the best odds for your bet. That's where a Betfair account is a must for the serious punter.

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Betfair vs Tab at major racing carnivals

See below how Betfair prices compared to the best available final TAB dividend during the 2014 autumn racing carnival in Sydney to see exactly why you should be betting at Betfair. If you are still punting at the TAB then you are missing out on the best odds for your bet!

Group 1 Race Winner TAB BETFAIR % Diff
Carbine Club Stakes Gypsy Diamond $2.70 $3.19 +0.49
PJ Bell Stakes Politeness $11.00 $13.00 +2.00
Chairman's Handicap The Offer $2.50 $2.72 +0.22
Sires Produce Stakes Peggy Jean $3.80 $5.64 +1.86
ATC Australian Derby Criterion $2.90 $3.35 +0.45
The TJ Smith Lankan Rupee $3.70 $4.20 +0.50
Adrian Knox Stakes Arabian Gold $6.00 $7.16 +1.16
Aurie's Star Handicap Tiger Tees $2.90 $3.06 +0.16
Alister Clark Stakes Pheidon $6.80 $9.50 +2.70
George Ryder Stakes Gordon Lord Byron $20.40 $27.00 +6.60
Golden Slipper Stakes Mossfun $5.90 $7.98 +2.08

Return from $10 win on each horse $686 $868 +$182

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More Betfair information

With over a million customers around the world Betfair is the number one choice for most punters. If you're betting at your local TAB and don't have a Betfair account, then you are losing money and taking poor value. Read our Betfair review to learn more about Betfair.

Being a successful punter is all about receiving the best available prices for your outlay. Accepting poor value odds from the TAB means you are losing even when you win!

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