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Multiple Betting

Multiple betting is one of Australia's most popular bet types and you can get some fantastic returns for just a small initial outlay. If you fancy 2 or 3 horses at a meeting then backing them all for a win is probably the most simple way to go, but what if they all managed to get up and win? For a really big return, you can combine your selections with a multi bet.

Multiple bet types allow you to choose a combination of two, three or more single bets on either racing or sport and combine them to increase your return. The final payout is then determined by multiplying together the odds of each of your selections.

There are two different types of multiple betting - Single and Exotic - and they are outlined below.

Single Multiples - Accumulator All Up)

In a Single Multiple, all selections must win for it to be successful. The maximum number of selections you can choose within the one multiple is limited to 16.

For example:
Your bet outlay is $10, and you select the following two multi bets.

Horse Racing multiple bet
Scenic Blast to win at $2.20
Thesio to win at $4.00
Maldivian to win at $10.00

Combined Racing and Sport multiple bet
Horse Racing: Scenic Blast to win at 2.20
Soccer: Australia Correct Score 3-0 at 4.00
Golf: Adam Scott to win at 10.00

Calculating the payout
To calculate the final payout the odds of each of the selections must be multiplied together: $2.20 x $4.00 x $10.00 = $88.00

Win return
Multiply the stake bet ($10) by the calculated payout ($88), which is : $10 x 88.00 = $880. As such, the profit on your bet is $870 (return less stake).

For the very small outlay of $10 you have returned $880, for a profit of $870, which goes to show how quickly your money can grow with multiple betting. The key is to find a selection of bets that will all win to maximise your return.

Exotic Multiples

Exotic Multiple betting guarantees a Jackpot Return if you can hit the mark with your selections and achieve 100% winners. It also gives you the benefit of of a payout if just two of your selections happen to win.

A multitude of exotic multiple bet types are available, including Trixi, Patent, Yankee, Lucky 15, Super Yankee, Lucky 31, Heinz, Lucky 63, Super Heinz and Goliath.

Exotic Multiple Example - The Patent

The Patent is an ideal multiple if you have 3 selections and want to combine them to increase your chances of a big return. It consists of 7 bet combinations: Single (x3), Doubles (x3), Treble (x1).

Patent Combinations
A Single bet on each of your three selections = 3 bets (A, B, C).
A bet on each of the 3 possible multiple doubles = 3 bets (AB, AC, BC).
Single Multiple combining all three of your selections = 1 bet (ABC).

For Example
A $5 Patent on the 3 selections below would see you outlay $35.00, but at least 1 selection must win to ensure you receive a return:

Horse Racing
Scenic Blast to win at $4.00
Weekend Hussler to win at $4.00
Samantha Miss to win at $4.00

Combined Racing and Sport multiple
Horse Racing: Weekend Hussler to win at $4.00
Premier League: Liverpool correct score 2-0 at $4.00
Tennis : Andy Murray to win at $4.00

Calculating the payout
3 x singles @ $5 =$15 (3 x $5 bet at odds of 4.00 – max return: $60)
3 x 3 multiple doubles @ $5 =$15 (3 x $5 bet at odds of 16.00 – max return: $240)
1 x single multiple combination @ $5 =$5 (1 x $5 bet at odds of 64.00 – max return: $320)

Win return
Any one winner returns you $20 (1 single)
Any two winners returns you $120 (1 single multiple, 2 singles)
All three winners return you $620 (3 singles, 3 single multiples, 1 multi combination)

Therefore, your profit is a whopping $585 (return less stake).

Benefits of Multiple Betting

Multiple betting has the potential to win you large sums of money for a very small outlay. However, you must ensure your selection process is very consistent as you generally have to get at least two winners up in any multiple to get a return and make a profit. Multiple betting can be very exciting when your first couple of selections get up and you are looking at a big payout if any of your remaining bets can manage to win.

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